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This pass is good through December 31st of the current calendar year and allows you unlimited access to Lighthouse Point Park and Smyrna Dunes Park, conditions permitting.

Your renewable pass is designed to last several years, so there is no need for removal at the end of each calendar year as in the past. You will simply drive to any Park location, and our Toll Collector will take your payment, scan your sticker, and “renew” your pass for the upcoming calendar year.

The pass is a small semi-permanent and tamper resistant label that is stuck to the outside, lower-left corner of your windshield.


After ordering your pass online, you will receive a voucher through your email.

You must bring this voucher to Lighthouse Point or Smyrna Dunes Park on or after January 1st to exchange it for your pass.

Please Note: None of the Annual Passes displayed here may be purchased and affixed to rental vehicles. All vehicles must have a valid motor vehicle registration in the owner’s name.